Hakima Tantrika is a Tantra Teacher and a Cacao Expert who has embodied the essence of Tantra for the last 10 years.


Her journey began a decade ago when living in Japan.  Here she realized she was disconnecting from her emotions, living in pilot mode without meaningful relationships or purpose.  And so... she quit her well-paid job in investment banking and decided to embark on a research journey to discover more about life and what makes relationships work and last. 


From Asia to South America, she traveled the world to dedicate herself to the extensive study of Tantric cosmo-vision. After several months in Ecuador learning Tantra and Shamanism at "Durga's Tiger School of Tantra, Arts and Shamanism", she got her aha moment when she finally understood the ancient Tantric secret to make relationships work.


Since then, Hakima has made it her life mission to teach men and women how to navigate the realm of relationships, so they become your greatest teacher; not thought separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, self-love and opening to pleasure.

Hakima is aslo a certified Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, working with clients all over the world who are exposed to narcissists. Based on and inspired by her own paralyzing experiences, Hakima is trained in and passionate about helping those affected by narcissistic relationships.